after party

The door flies open with a sharp bang and he fumbles trying to throw his keys in their bowl on the table. He keeps losing control of his hands. One is glued somewhere between the small of her back and the peak of her bottom’s curve; the other runs from hair to neck to around her waist, never settling or satisfied but begging more more more. Her legs are latched tight around his waist — the muscles of her thighs like steel in their grip — and her arms and hands add unnecessary stability on his neck and in his hair.

Her mouth has not left his in twenty minutes.

He stumbles down the hallway, swaying like a drunk from lust and her added weight, until he finds the door to his room. The knob slips out of his sweaty hands and he pushes her against the door for better purchase. Her noise is terrific as white teeth sink into his bottom lip. He feels a flare at the end of his spine and grinds into her. A distant thought floats through the back of his mind, wondering if the splinters of his old door are hurting her. She doesn’t seem to mind. His tongue seeks the depths of her mouth as other parts of him cannot, but long to. His hand slides further down and wanders up her dress. She pulls away and finds his gaze with wide eyes.

‘Bed. Now.’ He can’t help but chuckle as he finds the knob once more.

They tumble into the room; mouths still locked together, her small hands fumbling with his buttons as he searches for the zipper of her dress. She yanks off his vest, flinging it toward his desk without much consideration as he bends to take off his shoes. She plops onto the bed to do the same, tugging her hair from its bun and grinning at his prone figure. His returned smile is predatory as he disposes his socks and climbs up the bed, pushing her onto her back and burying his face beneath her dress.

‘Oh my god! Jesus, Scott…’ His triumphant laugh sends shivers up her spine and she falls back in pleasure. ‘God, Scott, you’re too good at that.’ He nuzzles the crook of her leg and she tugs up her dress to knot her fingers in his hair.

Her hips roll wantonly with his attentions, rising to meet his tongue with its every move. Her hand pulls his face closer, closer, demanding more from him, deeper pleasure, a vibrant connection.

‘God, Addie!’ He can almost feel her smile, even down here. Her hand smoothes his hair, touches his ear as he regains his composure, then grips him harder than ever. He laps up her moaning, delighting in its increase when he ducks his head slightly or presses just a bit more with his tongue. Her body is taut, tense like a spring, awake and alive to his every action and on the brink. He’s drowning in her smell: soft perfume and summer air, salt and sweat; lavishing in her taste and the warm wetness of her skin. If she asked him to, he would be happy to never move from this point. He is content with the odd posture and the remaining clothes. But he is no stranger to her ways: there will be more soon. So much more.

‘Scott…’ Her voice — pleading — pulls him back from his fantasies, her fingers tug again on his hair. ‘Scott…?’ He runs his tongue along her labia, feels her shudder again and can’t help but grin. ‘Scott, I…’

‘What, Addie?’ Her smell, her taste. ‘Tell me, please.’

She pulls him up suddenly, searching his face, eyes lingering on his mouth. She kisses him, tastes herself on his tongue and moans. Then she pulls back, rubbing her cheek on his, her voice too hot, too low in his ear.

‘I want you inside of me.’

He battles the tangle of buttons and sleeves, struggling as she fights with his fly and belt. He rips off his undershirt, his boxers, kissing her roughly until he tears her dress over her head, returning as he unclasps her bra. Her skin against his, her warmth, soft hands upon his bare back. Hot wet against his straining cock. His words incomprehensible as he buries his face in her neck and his desire between her thighs. She gasps and her muscles grasp tight tight around him. ‘Scott- Scott!’ The consonants too rough on her parched lips. He rubs his lips along her collar, his stubble on her cheek.

‘You can call me Scotty. If you want.’

‘Scotty…’ Like a prayer. Like the sweetest song. ‘Scotty…’ And she envelops him.

His mind begins to wander, but never far from this bed and this moment. He thinks of the tight clamp of her legs around his waist mirroring lower muscles. He thinks of her dancing at the party, her spins and twists unrehearsed, wild, free. Mostly goofy. He thinks of being here, in this bed, alone tomorrow, his visitor long gone home. He knows that her scent, however, will linger long after he has washed his sheets, how that scent will bring about questions from any other visitors he might have. Part of him wonders if she plans for that to happen. Part of him knows that she definitely does.

Their murmurs are never soft nor indistinct. They compliment freely. They wonder at one another’s abilities, laugh at the response. There is an ease to this dance, but an urgent hunger: a knotting of sheets, a pleading, an overwhelming desire crying for more, again, stronger, there–

‘There!’ She keens at his cry and clenches harder, desperate for his body, his warmth.

‘There, Scotty?’ He tilts his hips just so and she shouts. His lips are on her neck.


‘Scotty–’ She hitches up her legs. Her mouth finds his ear. ‘Scotty,’ she whispers, ‘I want you to come inside of me.’

He swears. His stomach burns pleasantly and he can feel his body following her command. ‘Yes, Addie!’ Her legs tighten impossibly; her heel digs into the small of his back. ‘God, Addie, yes!’

Thick wet bursting inside of her, his body tensing, voice gasping — it’s all too much. She shouts and presses her face to the crook of his neck, blunt fingernails scratching and scrabbling his back. Her muscles dance around him, clenching wildly, pulling the last of his climax from him by force.

‘God, Addie…’ She kisses his temple, smoothes his back. ‘Fuck me.’ She gives him a warm, throaty laugh. His lips meet hers.

She will miss her flight the next morning. And neither of them will seem to care.

June 2011

© Charlie Pevensie


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One response to “after party

  1. I like this pretty well. It’s difficult to write about sex and making love without sounding pretentious, contrived, or becoming boring. This piece does the urgency of desire pretty well. It could use a little tightening and being more careful in word choice. I’d like more of the story, though, the relationship story. The story about why we are here at all, despite its depiction of lust. It just seems like it is driven by more than lust. I like that it is from the male viewpoint and it is pretty successful at that, except for the part where he thinks he could just stay at that point and not move on. Not realistic for any male I have ever known, though they may have told you that. Anyway, this is quite successful considering the difficulty of writing about sex. It’s much better than bodice ripper sex, you’ve retained the reader’s interest all the way through. You’ve used it to communicate things about the relationship (the business of him thinking about other visitors and whether she knows about that). Good stuff. Pretty hot.

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