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for steve, raleigh, don, peter

This was written specifically for a Bill Murray poetry contest and submitted here. If you are so inclined, you can vote on it and keep me in the running for next week’s grocery money. –c.p.

UPDATE! For Steve, Raleigh, Don, Peter has been chosen to continue to the final round in the poetry competition and is being published in a handsome coffeetable edition by the World Poetry Movement! And that, kids, is why you write silly poems about Bill Murray.
Central Illinois
Is what we both call our home.
Glad it’s not just me.

So sad when you died
Onscreen in Zombieland. I
Wanted to boycott.

Take me under seas;
Let’s stop the jaguar shark
For poor Esteban!

Battle ghosts and sprites.
Save the girl from possession.
Then get sandwiches.

Perfect Saturdays
Spent watching, absorbing it.
Your face on the screen.

December 2011

© Charlie Pevensie


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