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{can’t wait to feel your skin on my skin}

can’t wait to feel your skin on my skin
my arms around your waist
your lips on my neck
my ear
whispering my name, your promises
hands tugging at the hem of my shirt
the buckles of your belt
breath hot, hearts pounding
fingers slow slow slow
stretching out the minutes, the hours
wringing them out for every blessed second they have
don’t ever want this to end
far from my bed my home the people I know
wrapped up in you
want to remember your smell
the rumble of your voice in your chest
the sweet scent of your breath
the shape of your lips
the lines of your body
press my face against your belly and hear the gurgles of your insides
all the years of quiet wondering
all the years of silent wanting
all coming to this
coming begging screaming
wrapped up in your desire
in the taut muscles of your arms
the glint of your teeth in their feral smile
softly keening please please please
pull me onto you in you against you
make me one with your desires
your wants and needs
your digestive processes
swallow me whole
yours and mine.

August 2012

© Charlie Pevensie


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