lock and key

Amy sighed, catching her breath from the lengthy trek up the stairs to her apartment. Her key stuck in the lock and she allowed herself a few colourful words before forcing the door open with her hip. She tossed her keys in the little bowl by the door and pulled off her scarf and coat, running her hands through her hair as she searched for a hanger. She turned to find Jamie on the couch, a glass in one hand, all eyes on her.

She smiled, heart skipping a beat. ‘Hey, stranger. I see you found the whiskey.’

Mischief danced in his blue-grey eyes. ‘Don’t stop.’ His voice crept across the room, soft but overwhelming. ‘I was enjoying the show.’

She grinned and pulled her hair across her shoulder. Her fingers moved to the buttons of her cardigan, plucking open one after another. He leaned back into the couch and took a drink. She tugged her arms out of the sleeves and tossed it aside, making her way closer to the couch and reaching for his tie.

‘I missed you,’ she whispered, tugging gently at the silky fabric in her hand.

‘I missed you, too.’ He granted her a dry peck. ‘I noticed you’ve stopped undressing.’

‘I thought I’d let you join the fun.’

He took hold of her wrist, leading it back to her dress. ‘I’m having all the fun in the world, baby.’ He gently pushed her back a step. ‘Now, then. Where were we?’

She felt her cheeks redden as he drank her in, marvelling that even now, after all this time, after so many had looked at her in the same way, he could so easily make her blush. She turned her back to him, reaching for the zipper on her dress and sighing as every inch of skin was exposed. She tugged off first one sleeve, then the other, looking back over her shoulder to watch him as the garment fell to the ground. She caught his eye and he smiled, suddenly goofy and boyish, belying the ruse and sending her belly into a fit of butterflies.

‘Turn around?’ he begged, trying to stifle his excitement with another drink. She did as she was told, thumbs reaching self-consciously into the waistband of her panties.

‘Do you want to touch me?’ she asked, pitching her voice just a little higher, playing coy. From the look on his face, he didn’t seem to mind.

‘Would you like that?’ She nodded. He set down his drink and opened his arms, allowing her to straddle his lap as she kissed him. His fingers danced along her spine, sending goosebumps down her arms and legs. He massaged the curve of her ass and down her thighs. She could feel him grinning. ‘Do you usually wear thigh highs to work?’ he asked, dropping character.

‘Only on special occasions.’ She nipped his bottom lip and he laughed.

‘Guess you really did miss me.’ He pulled her closer, his lips and stubble grazing her ear.

She gasped and felt another rumble of laughter. ‘You have no idea.’ She leaned into his touch and tugged at the knot of his tie.

‘Now now, dear.’ His voice dropped again as he slid her back just enough. ‘You must learn to be patient.’

She looked down, feigning embarrassment. ‘I’m sorry, sir.’

‘You must not be a naughty girl.’

‘Yes, sir.’

‘I’m afraid I’ll have to punish you.’

She bit back a smile. ‘Yes, sir.’

He stood and stepped away. ‘Turn around.’ She turned and faced the couch, blushing again in her excitement. He shoved her down, enjoying the startled squeak as she caught herself on the seat of the couch. His palm slammed against her ass again and again, each with a satisfying crack. Her heart pounded as she stifled her cries, her body shaking with delight.

A gentle hand rubbed the small of her back–a simple reminder that she was safe, that she was in control–before he flipped her into a seated position and knotted a hand in her hair. She reached for his belt buckle, then caught herself. She glanced up through her bangs, eyes pleading. ‘Put your lips around me. Now.’ She scrambled to unfasten his belt and fly, tugging his straining cock free.

‘Jesus, Jamie…’ she whispered, reverent. He chuckled and petted her hair, a low groan parting his lips as she sucked greedily. He thrust hard into her mouth, down her throat, pulling back just a little when he felt her gag. She pulled him back in, massaging the tip of his cock with her tongue. He brushed a tear from her eye, his other hand reaching to cradle her head.

‘Good girl…’ he muttered, delighting in her moan. She yanked his hips closer, drinking in the first droplets of his precum, drowning in his soft, spicy scent and the warmth of his skin. She could feel his body tensing and tightening, his thrusts accelerating, his breath catching. Soon, she thought. So very soon…

‘Stop,’ he cried and gently pushed her head away. ‘Not yet.’ He ran a finger along her lips and she sucked it into her mouth, glancing at him. He grinned and rolled his eyes before feigning severity once again. ‘I want you on that bed. Now.’

‘Yes, sir.’ She rose and walked to the bedroom, feeling a sharp pat on her rear as she moved past. He followed her in, tugging his tie free from his collar. She climbed onto the bed, her eyes never leaving his.

‘Good.’ He grabbed her ankles and yanked her across the bed. ‘Take your bra off. Give it to me.’ She passed it to him, cocking an eyebrow in question. He smiled a little and shook his head. She’d have to wait and see.

He crawled up the length of her body, grabbing her by the wrists and pulling her arms up toward one of the posts of the bed. He tied her wrists together, wrapping the remains of the bra around the bedpost and tying a loose knot. He slid back down her torso, his mouth finding her nipple and suckling greedily, a hand massaging her other breast. She arched into his touch, voice keening, his name soft on her lips as she begged for him. He kissed his way across her chest and found her other nipple, his hand grazing lower and lower, fingers tickling and teasing through the thin fabric of her panties. Her hips bumped against his hand.

‘Baby, you’re all wet,’ he mumbled, the tips of his fingers pushing just slightly, just enough to drive her mad. ‘Is that all for me?’ She nodded, eyes wide, breathless. He slid his fingers beneath her panties, slipping inside of her, nuzzling her sternum as she moaned. ‘You’re so good, baby. Such a good girl.’

‘Jamie…’ she panted, clamping around his hand. ‘Jamie, please…’

‘What do you want, honey?’ His fingers rocked into her, gently at first, gaining speed. ‘Do you want me to be inside of you?’

‘Yes, sir.’

‘Do you want to feel my cock inside your body?’

‘Yes, sir!’

‘Do you want me to fuck you?’


‘Do you want me to fuck you hard?’

‘Yes! Please, Jamie, please!’

He kissed her, frantic and needy, his tongue tugging at hers desperately as he ripped off her panties. Her lips fell open to allow him in, in wonder, as always, at his desire and his warmth and the pleasure he pulled from her. He sat back and, for a moment, it was just him, just Jamie: lopsided smile, hair a wreck, a little speck of dirt on his nose. She grinned breathlessly at him and nodded, answering his silent question: I’m okay, this is good, don’t worry about anything. He yanked off his shirt and kicked off his shoes, tearing off his boxers and pants in one fluid motion before climbing back onto the bed. He grabbed her ankles and folded her legs over her head, slamming inside of her with a strangled cry.

White hot pain clashed with blinding pleasure, too dizzy with joy to marvel at his size, her fullness, the perfect thrusting pace, the light sheen of sweat across his forehead. Her muscles strained against his grip, hips meeting his as often as she could manage. She arched into him, scrambling against her restraints, shouting his name as he crashed into her.

He came with a shout and fell against her, her legs folding to wrap around his torso. The quaking of his aftershocks bucked her–trembling–with him into pleasure and she rocked against him, gasping his name.

After a time, she felt his stubble against her chest, a light nuzzle as he came back down to earth. ‘You okay, babe?’

She laughed. ‘I would definitely not call this okay. For one I can’t feel my legs.’

He stretched across her to unbind her hands. She kissed his chest. ‘That seems to happen a lot when you’re around me.’ He peeked at her between his arms and winked.

‘That’s because you have a talent for temporary paralysis.’ She wrapped her newly freed arms around him as he settled down into the bed.

‘Mmm… Stop that. I’m too tired for big words.’ He tugged her closer and kissed her head. She threw her leg across him.

‘Your socks are still on.’

He wiggled his toes. ‘That’s because I’m very attractive.’

‘You are very attractive.’ She closed her eyes, breathing him in. ‘I’m so glad you’re home.’

He smiled and squeezed her arm. ‘Me too.’

February 2013

© Charlie Pevensie


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